Posting Policies

Five Key Points:

1 - The service is exclusively reserved for private individuals, collectors and aviation enthusiasts. Ads posted by businesses or equivalent will be not published or deleted without notice.

2 - Items posted for sale must include the price within the ad. If you solicit bids, auction sites or any other classifieds sites will be more suitable for your ad.

3 - The ads are free -except ads for events- and are good for 3 months;

4 - Members are solely responsible for the ads they post. Therefore, Comptoir de l’Aviation disclaims any liability whatsoever;

5 - Comptoir de l’Aviation reserves the right to refuse or delete any ad at its discretion.

Terms for use of the free service

Comptoir de l’Aviation offers to collectors, enthusiasts and other aviation connoisseurs a free service of classifieds on (hereinafter the ‘Site’) governed by these general terms. Checking the site, replying to or posting an ad constitute full acceptance of these general terms.

Article 1 - Posting Ads

Ads are written and posted by their author (hereinafter the ‘Advertiser’) using an online form.

Ads advertising a sale must include a sale price.

The lifespan of an ad is three (3) months. During this time, Advertisers can freely edit or delete all or part of their ads.

Comptoir de l’Aviation can at any time and without having to justify its decision, refuse or delete any ad of which nature, content or layout may seem particularly contrary to its moral or commercial interests or otherwise inappropriate for the purpose of the Site.

Article 2 - The Advertiser’s Commitment

The Advertiser agrees to the following regarding the postings:
- Ads must be exact and authentic,
- Ads must comply with copyrights, patents and/or trades, manufacturing secrets and in general with intellectual property rights,
- Ads must not break any laws or policies, in particular those that govern arms detention or sale, export regulations, unfair trading, discriminatory practices, false advertising, etc.
- Ads must not be defaming, malicious or slanderous.

Therefore, the Advertiser agrees to indemnify and compensate Comptoir de l’Aviation of any prejudice and action that could result from the aforementioned.

Article 3 - Disclaimer

The Advertiser is solely responsible for posting and putting on-line ads, regardless of the provisos of article 1.

Comptoir de l’Aviation will not accept any liability with regard to the accuracy of the ads posted on the Site. The Advertisers are solely responsible for their postings.

Comptoir de l’Aviation is in no way party to the deals made between buyers and sellers, be it a sale or an exchange; Comptoir de l’Aviation is not liable for the quality, safety, lawfulness of the items for sale, the authenticity or accuracy of their description, or even of their existence or the legal capacity of the sellers and buyers.

Comptoir de l’Aviation does not guarantee the continuity nor the quality of the posting service, and the currency of the ads posted.

Article 4 -Precautionary Rules

It is expressly reiterated that:
- Enrollment and posting on the Site will in no way grant the Advertisers and their ads any assurance whatsoever for the persons with whom they may exchange or deal through the Site.
- Once on line, the ads can be accessed by anybody visiting the Site and without any prior enrollment.

The Advertisers as well as the persons replying to an ad must therefore be extremely cautious when communicating. Always be very careful when closing your deals. Never provide more personal or financial information than is required. Do not trust payments that will supposedly be made by postal money order and beware of prices too attractive.

Keep in mind that if you pay in advance you may never receive the item and lose your payment with no possible legal recourse. Try to close the deal in one go, by handing over the item and receiving payment at the same time!
Comptoir de l’Aviation is a third party to the closed deal and therefore can never be held liable in any way whatsoever.

Article 5 - Governing Law

This contract is subjected to the French law.