Maquette de Noratlas par Réducta, échelle 1/50

Unfortunately this item is not available anymore.

Extremely rare factory model of the Noratlas by Réducta. This beauty dates back to the early 1950s and mentions on the vertical stabilizers the name of the manufacturer at the time, which was S.C.A.N., "Société de Construction Aéronautique du Nord" and not yet "Nord Aviation". Made of wood, metal (engines, propellers and base) and plexiglass (fuselage) in the 1/50th scale, it has transparent windows and cockpit (not detailled). As always for the Réducta models, the decor was hand painted. This piece is in very good condition. Dimensions: wingspan 65 cm / 25.6", length 44 cm / 17.3".