An emblematic French flying machine

An emblematic French flying machine

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This aircraft flew across the French skies for years and many of us managed to take pictures of it, from a distance or close up, in the countryside, on the seaside or in the mountains. We are making an exception by presenting this model, as it is not the kind of item Comptoir de l’Aviation usually offers. It is, however, a very fine piece and, as was the case several years ago with the Air France Constellation and the DC-7, its top quality and decoration are arresting.

This model will seduce you for many reasons. At first the 1 :43 scale which provides good dimensions and the plastic case display will please the most careful, yet without the blades, but dust free!

Then there is the quality of the piece which is made in resin and in photo etched metal. The scale allows for very fine in-depth details (railing, winch components, antennae, etc.). The cockpit is fully fitted with maybe oversized white pilot grip on the two sticks (likely the only criticism to note).

As it is suggested by the display, the blades are removable and black. The white skis are also removable. They can be set up for a standard display of the mountain rescue helicopters.

Only 350 copies were made of this very fine model. Yet the price is very reasonable. And as it is already the case with the above-mentioned Constellation and DC-7, its availability is temporary and this piece could well be gone from the production market and become a collector item.

One thing is sure, for those who liked the sécurité civile Alouette III, they will greatly enjoy this fine model. Note that this model exists and is available in military colours too.


Sud-Aviation / Aerospatiale Alouette III, scale 1/43, made of resin
(length 24 cm / 9.45", 30 cm / 11.81" with the main rotor)

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