Certified With No Certifcate

Certified With No Certifcate

At the shop, people often ask me if I have any parts of the Concorde. When I do, the next question to come is usually to enquire about a certificate. I might as well be clear straight away regarding the piece presented here: it is certified but does not have a certificate!

This item is quite easy to identify. It is the windscreen located underneath the visor of the nose, on the right-hand side and thus in front of the first officert. The piece is in very good condition albeit a few bubbles around the rim.

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Made in Triplex glass, it is quite heavy, but can be easily moved around by two people. Note that it is complete and undamaged except for a few seals that went missing upon disassembling. The defrost/defog jack is still in place as well as the manufacturer plate.

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This is, of course, an essential part of this aircraft and an unusual souvenir!

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