Century of cockpit Watches

 Century of cockpit Watches

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We present here a small selection of cockpit watches from various eras and displaying different specifications required by the Military.

We start with the two oldest watches: an Allion, unmarked ‘Propriété de l’Aviation militaire’ and a similar watch, that one marked ‘Propriété de l’Aviation militaire’ but with no apparent brand.

The watch marked with ‘Allion à Versailles’ and ‘Swiss Made’ is strictly identical to all the other watches presented in the past in their leather case (By way of comparison you can have a look at some of the models sold previously, here and there). However it doesn’t come with a leather case or the standard property engraving.

This piece is in superb condition and works perfectly having been serviced by a watch maker.

WWI dashboard clock "Allion à Versailles", diameter 65 mm / 2.56"


The second model dates back to the same era. It has the same case but a different mechanism, and unlike the previous watch, bears the property marking but does not show any mention of the brand.

The special characteristic of this watch is that it does not have a leather case but a base made to affix it to a dashboard. As you can see, this is not any amateur work, but this is something made by a skilled craftsman in order to hold the watch. It is protected against vibration by a thick felt lined interior.

WWI dashboard clock "Propriété de l'Aviation Militaire", diameter 65 mm / 2.56"


We now go from the WWI era to WWII with this well-known watch: a 37500 Hamilton fitted in the US Navy aircraft and more specifically the famous ‘Corsair’ F-4U. After the United States entered WWII and after the boycott of the Jeager watches, the US Army set specifications similar to these watches. This is why that type of chronograph is found under the brand Elgin and Hamilton.

This is a beautiful chronograph watch with an 8-day power reserve, operating with a 24-hour dial. Its four functions are indicated by four small dials: date, a one-hour chronograph totalizer, a second hand and a flight time totalizer. Not only is this piece in perfect condition, it has also been serviced and works perfectly.

Dashboard clock Hamilton 37500, diameter 80 mm / 3.15"


Lastly, we present a more contemporary chronograph watch, a Dodane Type 11P, made specifically for the Mirage 2000. The chronograph is equipped with a classic 15-minute totalizer. This piece is in a very good condition and works perfectly.

Dashboard clock Dodane Type 11P, diameter 57 mm / 2.24"

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