Hellcat, gouache by Olivier Dauger


French connoisseurs of aviation comics are familiar with the work of Olivier Dauger. For those who don’t know him, he is a graphic designer and an illustrator, a big fan of the ’30 - ’40 era, particularly in the aviation domain. As such, he is the author of the ‘Ciel en ruine’ and ‘Ciel de guerre’ series and more recently of ‘Hélène Boucher l’Étoile filante’ (for further information). Olivier Dauget is also a talented painter and produces gouaches of his own inspiration or on request for specific scenes.

We present here one of his paintings, a scene from the Pacific war showing aircraft carriers in the background and depicting the end of an air combat between a US Hellcat and a Japanese Yokosuka. The painting is framed (30 cm x 40 cm / 11 13/16 in x 15 ¾ in)