DC-3, maquette Réducta (1/50 ème)


Produced by the famous French manufacturer Réducta, this model, made of wood and metal in the 1:50 scale (wingspan 58 cm, length 40 cm), is entirely hand painted in the colors of a fictitious airlines. In his book "Objets de l'aviation à collectionner", Eric Lecomte presented* (p. 58) this same model as having been a paint test prior hiring by the manufacturer, which justifies this particular decoration. Despite its non-existent livery it is a very nice piece which remains a rare piece in very good condition since it is a model from the DC-3's time period!

*"DC-3 in wood and metal of perfect execution but with fanciful decor, which served as a test before hiring by the manufacturer. The CIA used this type of aircraft in the Far East, but under the name of Air America."